domingo, 12 de diciembre de 2010

Una nueva Cultura de la Muerte

Escribo esta entrada en inglés porque viene del blog en MyOpera.
Pero el texto del dibujo si esta en español. Aun no tengo claro cómo manejar los idiomas en el blog, y ser políglota, pero empiezo actuando. Como dice la Biblia, en el principio fue el verbo.
Como de costumbre, piquen en el dibujo para agrandarlo.
The changing cultural climate, the need to make the city sustainable, create the conditions for the appearance of new urban and architectonic tipologies.
Here is the sketch of the urban form of a new culture of Death. Click to open the drawing and you can see it enlarged. My Nokia ZeissIkon cellular phone serves me well to capture sketches "on the spot". I hope that in time I'll become a better photographer.
I hope the drawing needs no explanation. The text is in spanish, but I think it's easy to imagine:
When we die, we will be disassembled, and transplanted to other living bodies. An ADN sample will be taken and stored in Memory Towers, the genetic depots of mankind. If there is something like a Judgment Day, it is in this Memory Tower that the Angel of the Lord will be seated. The rest of us will be converted into compost, used to fertilize riverside parks, urban avenues and parks.