jueves, 23 de abril de 2009

Another "Refrito"

Eduardo Fonseca was a client for whom I designed a country house a couple of years ago.

The house was to be built in phases. Each phase should be an architectonic object by itself. Here are some views of the AutoCAD 3d model for the first phase.

The orange hemicicle is the parking area.

The plan of the second phase can be perceived in the architectonic blueprint beneath the 3d object.

For every project built, how many unbuilt projects? They are more than dreams, because each one of them has resolved the program for which it was designed.
Sometimes, it was a luck it wasn´t built!

domingo, 19 de abril de 2009

Refritos, or nothing to say for once

For once, got no new material. So I´ll treat you to "refritos", recanned old themes.
Flexon Estruturas&Herrajes is a client for whom I did some refurbishing of old structures, like the photo of the aerial drainage system for a factory I showed you in the 14th april issue. In the top floor of their factory was a derelict space. Here´s what we did three years ago:

We wanted an open space office. so we asked Solinoff to do some proposal. Here´s what they designed. I liked it.

We did our own design, which only walled the extremes: In one corner the chief, in the opposite corner, the personnel service area. In between an open space with the only surviving column painted blushing red. The outstanding feature is the curved drywall that encloses the service area.

The axis is empahized by cenital light. A construction photo shows how we put transparent roof along the axis

I like the end effect. Do you?