jueves, 21 de mayo de 2009

I´ve been going to the National University, faculty of odontology for the last months. I very much like the ambiance of those vast rooms where everybody mingles, old and young patients and doctors and teachers and pupils, and police secret agents and FARC agents provocateurs. It´s a kind of living morgue!

Graffiti have always attracted me. One would expect the university to be a display place of the very best. But our leftwing students are rather dull characters. I found one that seems interesting, although with spell errors. Charitably one would suppose the error is not due to ignorance but to haste, for the POLICE IS ACOMING!!!

martes, 19 de mayo de 2009

Streetwise cellphone operators

Yesterday I published some photos of the cellular phone operators that work in front of my apartment. I dreamed a design business, and early in the morning I sat down to draw ideas. Here are the first sketches:

The idea is to let the operator sit in a cocktail type chair. Also to protect her from the sun and rain, and to be atractive enough as a street object that decorates.

The second drawing is a detail that shows the mechanism that allows it to swivel. The umbrella should be detachable, the chair folds, and when the police makes one of its arbitrary and periodic raids, she can dissapear easily and mingle with the crowd.

lunes, 18 de mayo de 2009

Design Miscellaneous

Almost three weeks without uploading anything. Feel guilty. Grown accustomed to blogging.
My loofah thermogloves have been delayed. My building design too. The crisis is being felt by everybody everywhere. So I`m supposed to have more time for blogging. Hope so.
Here are a couple of workshop drawings

Look at this photo taken in front of the building where I live% Notice the mobility of the cellular operators. They drift along the streets with their cellphones. They have become the ultimate urban nomads. But they lack DESIGN!!!

Sometimes other trades attach themselves to the celloperator like remorae to a shark. These two in the photo are synergic partners. But they lack DESIGN!!!!