Regional Plan for the Amazon Jungle (Continued)

In Wikipedia found a geographer (Karl Musser) who made a very clear map of the Caciquiare river with the boundaries of the Orinoco and Amazon basins.

There is an organization called Infa-Sars, based in Bogota, and they have the same idea of travelling by river from the delta amacuro to buenos aires. Ill make contact with them and tell you. Meantime, here is a map by them of my dream:

It is possible to travel by river from Buenos Aires to Amacuro. Ill keep you, my hordes of readers, well informed

Regional Plan for the Amazon Jungle

Frank Lloyd Wright made this drawing in the first half of last century. Its a Regional Plan in the american terminology.In ours it is a Plan de Ordenamiento Territorial (POT) The ideal american territory.

Im doing the same in a proposal for a regional plan for the amazon jungle. I have experience in this kind of works for I have done POTs for cities. So my imagination leads me from the gloves to the jungle back and forth in a pendular process.

My drawing is expressive but lacks depth. It`s only a sketch that i`ll fix and complete, for I want it to become a working project. The red vertical lines are anchors and beacons for the zeppelins. They are to be situated along an important river, at the mouths of tributaries. These spots are the human settlements. Next issue i will show how I imagine these spots.

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