martes, 14 de abril de 2009

XSS design Ambidextrous Thermo Loofah Gloves

Keep to Rem Koolhaas recipe for dilettantism. This is XSS design.

Loofah thermo gloves for use in the kitchen. It was all an accident. The same as old Newton and the apple, you see. It just happened. So this is my smallest design so far. The photos are from the second prototype, but already show the chalk outlines of the lineal stitching for the third prototype.

My thesis is that, because of loofah's cellular structure, you can design a very decent family of very thin, pliable and thermostatic loofah gloves for use in the kitchen enviroment, that can be used with either hand.

The first prototype was only for use with the right hand. The second prototype is interchangeable, and works very nicely. I´ve had problems uploading Nokia videos to Blogspot, but I´ll show you soon how well the glove handles itself in the kitchen.

It only has one predictable problem and that is a certain planar rigidity due to the double loofaah plane that allows it to work with either hand.

The solution leads towards the third prototype. The workshop sketch and the initial photos show the stitching work that will articulate it as a medieval gauntlet.

As soon as the third prototype arrives, I´ll show it to you.

The purpose of this excercise is not only to furnish myself with useful kitchen ware, but to further exacerbate my alredy swollen ego into believing, first that I´m a forgotten genius, and second that I can make myself rich one of these days with one of these objects.